Terms of use

We will not provide any form of warranty on parts used for racing.
We guarantee the professional assembly of the products.
We provide warranty on parts with technological and/or manufacturing problems
If the damage is really based on technological or production reasons, this should always be confirmed by DICZcars.
Warranty on parts is given if the part is only assembled / disassembled by DICZcars.

Terms and Conditions

Art. 1 These general terms and conditions apply to every purchase-sale agreement by a visitor to this website, hereinafter referred to as “customer”, concluded with ... (identity of the seller or service provider with indication of address, company form and company number). These general terms and conditions always take precedence over all other terms and conditions of the customer. Additional terms and conditions of the customer are excluded, unless they have been accepted by us in advance, in writing and expressly.
ORDER Art. 2 An agreement is validly concluded when electronically forwarding the order by clicking on the hyperlink “Agree for this order” or by sending an email containing an order.
When canceling a paid order, we charge an administration fee of 10€.
RIGHT OF RENDER Art. 3 It follows from the nature of the model contracts sold that they cannot be returned, as a result of which you are required in accordance with art. 80 §4, 2 ° The Commercial Practices and Consumer Information Act does not have a right of renunciation. Every sale is final from the conclusion of the agreement and not subject to any reflection period.
PAYMENT Art. 4 Payment is always made electronically by credit card or by bank transfer. Each order is immediately payable at the time of conclusion of the agreement. When paying by bank transfer, you will only receive the ordered products after receipt of the amount due.
EXECUTION Art. 5 The execution of the agreement normally takes place almost immediately after payment by credit card or confirmation of payment by bank transfer. However, any delay in implementation does not entitle to compensation. In case of payment by bank transfer, the delivery of the ordered products takes place within ten working days after crediting our account. In this case, too, any delay in implementation does not entitle you to compensation. A longer production date is necessary for some products. This is therefore clearly stated on our website.
DISPUTES Art. 6 All disputes arising from this agreement are governed by Belgian law. The Court of Antwerp has jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this agreement.
BINDING Art. 7 With every electronic order of products, the customer expressly declares to agree with these general terms and conditions by checking the “Agree” checkbox. An electronic order without this agreement is technically impossible, subject to fraud, so that these conditions are always binding on the part of the customer.
LIABILITY Art.8 Diczcars is not responsible for the misuse of the products offered or for the use of competition material on public roads.